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We are MansiSpeed. A pair of German-auto enthusiasts with a passion for innovation. We strive to help you get the most out of your vintage Volkswagen,  or Porsche. 

BTW,  We are REALLY into water-cooled Vanagons!


Take one Italian-Englishman, engineering-genius with a passion for German cars and add an old air-cooled VW, certified Porsche junkie, and veteran Vanagon pilot and you have Mansispeed. Marco Mansi and Scott Gregory met by chance at an open house at a VW shop. It only took a few minutes to see that they shared a passion for German-engineered autos. After swapping stories about air-cooled VWs, Porsches, and of course Vanagons, they struck a friendship that led the way to MansiSpeed. is now the epicenter of their hobby, their engineering acumen and their business pursuits.

Our vision is simple, we want to help enthusiasts overcome the challenges of operating their 30 to 50 year-old German cars, keeping them on the road for as long as possible. MansiSpeed is constantly engineering, designing and testing solutions to extend the life of your classic vehicle, while increasing its performance, reliability, and economy so you get the most from your driving experience.

We look forward to bringing new products and solutions to market and supporting our customer’s endeavors from air-cooled to water-cooled, Beetle to Vanagon to Porsche. We promise to engineer, manufacture and modify without compromise and to deliver the best available solutions. So, there you have it. MansiSpeed is up and running to keep you up and running.

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