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MS-101 MansiSpeed Fuel Injector Kit 1.9/2.1/2.3 waterboxer applications

MS-101 MansiSpeed Fuel Injector Kit 1.9/2.1/2.3 waterboxer applications

Set of four fuel injectors with seals, fuel line ( Gates 27348 Barricade 225 psi ) and clamps. Ready to install.  These are new EV14 Bosch injectors, engineered and modified to work with your stock ECU.  Every injector has been flow tested to within 1% of the production run to ensure a matched performance set.  Feedback from customers is fantastic, from smother idle to increased midrange power, these injectors deliver the proper air/fuel ratio across the entire RPM band.  Emission is greatly improved as well as gas mileage.  While this may seem like magic, it is not,  just 14.7:1 AFR performance.

  • Comments from the Web

    I replaced my injectors ( 85,000 mi ) with a set from Mansi's. Working great much better performance and gas of my better improvements to my 1991 Westy. member ronL

    I run Mansispeed’s modified Bosch injectors in my 2.1 WestyLots of positive feedback/reviews on the samba. No complaints here. Idles and accelerates smooth.   Reddit member exmass

    Only using the injectors. Made a big difference in performance. Nothing measured, just the seat of my pants feel. Well worth the the money. member  mcdonaldk

$320.99 Regular Price
$299.99Sale Price
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