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MS-201 1.9/2.1l 30mm, triple o-ring, port-matched, oil pump

MS-201 1.9/2.1l 30mm, triple o-ring, port-matched, oil pump


MS-201's start as an off-the-shelf, 30mm oil pump. Although it is labeled by the manufacturer as a T3 WBXr replacement upgrade pump ...  it is not.  There are three issues with the pump.


  • First, it is designed for the Type 1 VW  case, not the WBXr, the ports are not in the same location or sized appropriately. This misalignment drastically reduces the pump's volume and PSI potential. MansiSpeed port matches the pump body to align with the WBXr galleys and eases the flow path to create a smooth transition to the pump gears.
  • Second, is that the pump body, to case tolerance, is a few thousands too big creating pressure loss from washout at the output port and air cavitation on the input side. We double O-ring the pump body, creating a better sealing surface that greatly increase pressure and eliminates scavenging.
  • Third, the pump-face to gear-face clearance is also a few thousands too big. We machine a precise O-ring landing, at the stock oil control galley location, and install an O-ring on the pump face to create the tightest, leak proof mating surface. This eliminates the .004" paper gasket and reduces the washout potential at the face plate.  Also, this make the problematic face plate leak a non issue.   


Before the MansiSpeed treatment, the off-the-shelf pump gives you marginal, if any, improvement over your stock VW pump. The MansiSpeed modification increases oil pressure on well-used engines up to 15 psi @ hot idle and 20 psi on fresh rebuilds. This is literally the best money spent on your 1.9 or 2.1 WBXr.

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