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MS-202 V.2 MansiSpeed Oil Pressure Sender Relocation Kit.

MS-202 V.2 MansiSpeed Oil Pressure Sender Relocation Kit.

Moves the stock VW oil pressure sender(s) from between cylinders 3 and 4 and or at the rear of the case, to a point above the engine and provides a location for an additional sender to support an aftermarket oil pressure gauge. Kit includes a Made in the USA stainless steel clear coated line with PFTE liner, proper M10x 1.0 fittings ( NOTE: Your WBXr  case is not NPT or M10x1.0 TAPER as VDO may indicate.) and a TEE to mount two M10 x1.0 threaded senders.  Kit supplies an M10x1.0 plug to block off the aux sender port on the TEE.  If you wish to move both of the hard-to- get-to senders to the Tee, you can use the M10x1.0 to plug the unused sender port.  This is beyond compare, the best relocation solution available.


    V.2 is now shipping.  Sightly differnt look to the same USA stainless steel, coated line with PFTE liner  line. The line is less translucent and appears gray. It is also now longer, 25",  to help with install flexibility,

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