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MS-900  MANSISPEED Remanufactured 2.1l WBXR Long Block

MS-900 MANSISPEED Remanufactured 2.1l WBXR Long Block

Remanufacturing Process Breakdown

Engine Case

  • We Only use a 2.1l case as it has the much improved rear flywheel 3 piece bearing
  • All previous line bored or 1.9l cases are rejected  
  • Cases are industrial cleaned, deburr all flashing or casting areas left over from original manufacturing.   This ensures that there is no chance of foreign material to interfere with bearing surfaces and oil passages
  • All oil galley and passages are cleaned and unobstructed.
  • Inspecting all critical case surfaces, measuring all bearings bores, cylinder bores and lifters for factory tolerances
  • Cases that show excessive water jacket corrosion or galled case matting surfaces are rejected.
  • All head studs are inspected for corrosion and replaced, or the case is rejected
  • All drain plugs are Timesert  (steel inserts for factory drain plug) for trouble free oil changes in the future.
  • The 28mm case plug, behind and to the right of the crank pully, is recapped and sealed, a know point of oil leakage.
  • Final clean and painted Acrylic Enamel, MANSISPEED Gray, for corrosion protection.
  •  All 17mm M10 1.5 head stud cap nuts are original VW, tumble cleaned, chased threads, and outer surfaces restore.  Inspection eliminates any with cross threads or corrosion damaged sealing surfaces.
  • Koblenschmit or Mahle bearings used for Crank Cam and Connecting Rods
  • All remaining hardware is replaced with new. 12.9 graded, flanged and black zinc plated finished.
  • All cases are “dry assembled” with main and cam bearings torqued to specification to measure bearing clarences.  Camshaft endplay is set at this time.



Rotating Assembly

  • Crankshaft:  2.1l remanufactured cranks are inspected for cracks, and wear. Crankshafts are turned max of .010, if required, all journals are polished. Crank hardware is cleaned inspected for reused.
  • Connecting Rods:  New MANSISPEED, H-Beam, Connection Rods and hardware  MS-901


  • Camshafts:  Used 2.1l vw camshafts are inspecting and reground to stock profile.  Original VW camshafts are very hard throughout the shaft, not just a top layer, and accept the regrind without issues.
  • Stock distributor drives are inspected and reused. Few are rejected for wear.
  • Fly Wheels and Flex Plates: For manual transmission engines, a new or resurfaced flywheel is installed and included. Automatic transmissions receive a used original flex plate. Each are used to properly set endplay and should not be removed once installed to ensure that the rear shims remain in place.


  • Oil Pump: Every Engine gets a MansiSpeed MS-201 oil pump installed.

Reciprocating Components

  • Pistons and Cylinders:  2.1l MV pistons are cleaned inspected for scuffing, roundness, and ring landing wear. They must be measured within factory tolerances. 
    • New German Rings are installed.
    • Each piston is weighed and batched in set of 4 to within 1 gram
  • Cylinders are cleaned, inspected and measured for bore wear, all cylinders within tolerance are resurfaced, to ensure best possible piston ring to cylinder sealing
  • New OEM hydraulic lifters are installed (8).  All lifters are first installed in our lifter bleeder jig, and pumped up to operating PSI. This process also removes all manufacturing oils and debris.
  • Each rebuild used MansiSpeed MS-301 Ratio Rockers
  • New water pumps are installed, Each pump is measured and via a mansispeed speed process, adjusted to the correct OEM specified clearance .020 “.  Most are found to be larger causing pump inefficiency, especially at hot idle.

Cylinder Heads

  • All engines get NEW AMC castings
    • All AMC valves are removed and replaced with OEM quality valves
    • Seats and valves receive a 3 angle cut and lapped to ensure sealing.
    • All Valve springs are tested for seat and nose pressure.
    • All keepers are end clearance to create positive valve stem interference. This insures zero keeper slop and reduces wear.
    • Heads are deburred of manufacturer casting flashing and casting marks
    • Intake ports are pocket ported and blended to intake runner port
    • Exhaust ports are pocket ported and blended to exhaust port
    • Combustion chambers are worked to remove sharp transition steps.  These areas are prone to hot spots and can promote pre-detonation.
    • The heads are inspected and cylinder gasket surface machined to remove the 2023 AMC lip.
  • Finned aluminum valve covers, with bail clips,  top each head
  • Push rod tubes are CB performance pro series and are removable without removing the head.
  • Exhaust studs are replaced with Stainless Steel studs eliminating rusty broken studs in the future



  • All seals are replaced with Victor Reinz seals and gaskets
  • Lower and upper portion of case halves are sealed with Dirko Sealant
  • Surfaces surrounding oil passages are sealed with Curil. (anerobic sealant washes from oil passages)
  •  Water jacket seals, Case to Head, are Vistor Reinz and installed with a minimal amount of Dirko sealant.

Special Assembly procedures

  • Each engine is assembled, in series, by Marco Mansi.
  • Other than camshaft machining, no other work is outsourced or performed by a third part.
  • OEM VW tools are used in the tear down and assembly to eliminate case and component damage.
  • Care is taken to match camshaft and crank gears to ensure porper backlash interface.
  • Arguably controversial, and supported by a well know German sports car company in Stuttgart, Pistons are installed into cylinders dry, promoting immediate ring seating .
  • We implement several proprietary assembly techniques including torque sequences, varying levels sealant application, and procedures to promote engine performance and longevity. 
  • Options

    • Blue Printed/ Clearenced OEM Water Pump  $80.00
    • 270lbs/ft torque holding Pressure Plate $180.00
    • Stainless Steel Vintage Speed 1&3 2&4 headers( sold only wit Long block) $550.00
    • Stainless Steel 2 into 1 exhaust manifold  $150.00
  • Shipping

    Shipping in the Continental United Sates via LTL truck runs about $300.00 to $500.00 and will be calculated at time of shipping.  A Shipping invoice will be created and paid by cusomter before engine is shipped.

  • Purchasing Process

    MS-900 engines are built to order.  We do not inventory completed engines.  If you are interested in an engine we welsome you to contact us and we can talk through your requirements and expectations.  We can then send you an invoice for the engine. Engines take roughly 90 days to complete once the order is established.

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